Restoration of Balance

Restoration of Balance

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60 min


A game by: Emerald Legacy CIC

Illustrated by: Trevor Cuba, Michael Cugley, Thulsa Doom, Mariko, Jérémie Morán, Mickaël Sans, Naurel Wood, Philippe Nafa Gonzalez, Lyn Hunter, Mariko, Laétitia Rouvier, WaterLuciel, Łøveless

Throughout history, status has been defined by displays of prowess and skill. Champions have arisen from their acts of cunning and strength and the Great Clans have begun an exodus, a journey to a land shrouded in mist far beyond the coastline of their homeland.

In this card game, you are invited to join the Great Clans, uphold the tenets of Bushidō, and fulfill your duty to your Empress.
Take on the leadership of your clan as daimyo and bring down your rivals, vying for military and political control of the land while maintaining society’s strict code of honor.

This pack features 92 cards across all 7 major factions. Each card is available as a play set or as a single copy (Provinces, Strongholds, Limited 1 per deck).

Emerald Legacy Restoration of Balance is not a standalone product and complements a wider L5R collection.

Please note: The Emerald Legacy is a fan-run nonprofit volunteer collective. Our mission is to keep the Legend of the Five Rings LCG alive and thriving. We design, playtest, and release our own set of cards such as the ones you are holding.
Emerald Legacy cards are fully compatible with classic Legend of the Five Rings LCG cards, giving you new tools for inventive play.

You only pay for the printing of the costs, Emerald Legacy does not earn one single cent as that is against our mission. We want to provide you an easy access to our cards, at production costs.

Legend of the Five Rings is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Games. Although Emerald Legacy is made to be compatible with cards from Legend of the Five Rings, it is not associated with, produced by, or endorsed by Fanatasy Flight Games or Asmodee.

Note: This game is not the property of Azao Games. The publisher provides its game in print-on-demand on the website and remains the publisher in charge.

More info about the project:

  • 94 Cards (Format 88×63)
  • 1 Case (Format 90x65x39)

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