Errata Cards (Through the Mists or Restoration of Balance)

Errata Cards (Through the Mists or Restoration of Balance)

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A game by: Emerald Legacy CIC

Illustrated by: Emerald Legacy CIC

This set is a pack of all the cards that received errata so far. If you purchased Through the Mists or Restoration of Balance before March 2024, this pack is for you! It contains a playset of

  • Floating Fortress (TtM 01)
  • Deployed Garrison (TtM03)
  • War Cry (TtM 04)
  • Mioko’s Song (TtM 07, 1 copy)
  • Lucky Coin (TtM 11)
  • Togashi Tsurumi (TtM 13, new artwork)
  • Master at Arms (TtM 15)
  • Dragon’s Claw (TtM 17)
  • Akodo Cho (TtM 20)
  • Spirit of Valor (TtM 23)
  • Henshin Seeker (TtM 26)
  • Cherished Family Servant (TtM 36, new artwork)
  • The East Wind (TtM 37, 1 copy)
  • Shinjo Atagi (TtM 39)
  • Moto Raiju (TtM 40)
  • Scout’s Steed (TtM 41)
  • Lay of the Land (TtM 42)
  • Empress Retainer (TtM 44)
  • Bake-Kujira (TtM 46)
  • Twin Sister Blades (RoB 09)
  • Crippling Curse (RoB 17)
  • There Are No Secrets (RoB 19)
  • Bayushi’s Saboteurs (RoB 22)
  • Sake House Informant (RoB 23)
  • Travelling Tinkerer (RoB 26)
  • Child of Saltless Water (RoB 28)
  • The Maiden’s Icy Grasp (RoB 32)

You only pay for the printing of the costs, Emerald Legacy does not earn one single cent as that is against our mission. We want to provide you an easy access to our cards, at production costs.

Legend of the Five Rings is a trademark of Fantasy Flight Games. Although Emerald Legacy is made to be compatible with cards from Legend of the Five Rings, it is not associated with, produced by, or endorsed by Fanatasy Flight Games or Asmodee.

Note: This game is not the property of Azao Games. The publisher provides its game in print-on-demand on the website and remains the publisher in charge.

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  • 78 Cards 88×63

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