Spies vs Spies

Spies vs Spies

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10 min


A game by: Frédéric Morard

Illustrated by: Frédéric Morard

Venice… Its palaces, its masks, its spies…
Can you recognize your partner and identify your target before the other team does?

Question the other players to collect clues and determine which team they belong to. Determine the nature of your target based on your goal and your partner’s goal. Then it’s time to go on a mission!
SPIES vs SPIES is a game where deduction, memory and bluffing will bring you victory. Quick and easy to carry, it can be played absolutely anywhere!

Note: This game is not the property of Azao Games. The publisher places its game in print on demand on the site and remains the publisher responsible.

  • 18 Cards (Format 88x63mm)
  • 1 Case (Format 90x65x9mm)


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