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25 min


A game by: Phil Vazcarro

Illustrated by: Victor J. Merino

2084. The people are hungry and dying. Even within the resistance, there are signs of weakness.
But not you. You’re part of a special squad, trained to track down and eliminate opponents of the Resistance.
And you’ve just learned that a group of enemies of the cause want to assassinate the leader of the Resistance.

They’ve scattered into the crowd.
And you only have 25 minutes to find them, neutralize them and prevent the death of the last hope of the people!

“25” is a cooperative communication game that will allow you to get inside the heads of your friends.

  • 54 Cards
  • 1 Cards with a QR code that leads to the rules
  • 4 Red Tokens

12.00  (9.92  excl. VAT)