Discover a range of games printed only on demand.

No waste, no global transport

An environmentally-friendly range of games and designs that would be complicated to produce in a traditional manner (because of feasibility, funding or financial viability). You’ll  discover, for example, projects which didn’t make it on Kickstarter.

This range is 85–95% equivalent in quality to products you would find in traditional businesses.

There is obviously an impact on sales prices, but this is due to this being a new manufacturing concept.

On Demand allows you to :

  • Discover games that wouldn’t otherwise exist.
  • Discover expansions to existing games.
  • Discover fun twists to original concepts.
  • Help designers get their creations out there and bring their passion to life.
  • Play games in a more environmentally-friendly manner (no waste).




Most of the components for these games are made in-house by AzaoGames.

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